Thank you for your interest in the NILE Merit Heifer Program! It is the goal of the NILE to provide a positive educational experience to the youth everywhere. Please note the guidelines below for completing your application.


Your application must be filled out entirely and signed by all parties listed, application deadline June 30th.

Personal Letter

This is your opportunity to tell us why you deserve a heifer. Please follow the instructions at the end of the application to complete the personal essay. Please be sure to keep the technical and compositional criteria in mind when writing your essay.

Three Reference Letters

Please provide three reference letters from those that you think would give
you a honest evaluation of your character. These references cannot be related to you via immediate family. Must be different than application references listed on application.

Junior Membership Fee

A $25.00 Jr. Membership fee is required. You may send in your payment with your completed application. Refunds will be given to those applicants who are not awarded a heifer and do not wish to stay a Jr. Member. Date to be announced for written requests for refunds.