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Montana Red Angus breeders are at the heart of a thriving community dedicated to promoting the Red Angus breed across the picturesque landscapes of Montana. With an unwavering commitment to breed advancement, our association employs an aggressive marketing strategy, featuring captivating print advertisements, prominent billboards scattered across the state, and engaging signage in local sale barns. The crowning jewel of our efforts is the esteemed Red Angus Sale at NILE, held annually in October. This marquee event brings together hand-picked consignments of open heifers, bred heifers, bulls, embryos, and semen from our esteemed membership. It’s not just a sale; it’s a tradition that exemplifies the quality and excellence of Montana’s Red Angus breeders.


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Elevate your ranching experience by becoming a member of the Montana Red Angus Association (MTRAA). Join us in promoting and advancing the Red Angus breed across Montana. Your participation makes a difference!

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Explore Our Prestigious Red Angus Sale

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of our renowned Red Angus Sale at NILE in October. Discover hand-picked consignments of open heifers, bred heifers, bulls, embryos, and semen from our dedicated membership. Be part of the legacy!

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Discover a lineup of exciting events designed to enrich your Red Angus experience. From prestigious sales to educational seminars, our calendar keeps you in the loop, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to engage with the vibrant world of Montana’s Red Angus community.

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Member Benefits

The prominence of Montana in the world of Red Angus lies in the outstanding group of breeders that call Montana home! If you are a Red Angus breeder or commercial producer who hails from Montana, you can help to continue advancing the quality, reliability and value of Red Angus and Red Angus-influenced seedstock used in the commercial beef industry, that’s why we want you on our team!

Powerful Breed Promotion

As a member of MTRAA, you actively contribute to the promotion and advancement of the Red Angus breed in Montana. Your involvement helps maintain the breed’s prominence on a national scale.

Exclusive Sales Platform

Participate in our prestigious Red Angus Sale at NILE. Showcase your top-tier livestock to a targeted audience of enthusiasts and buyers, gaining visibility and market access.

Educational Opportunities

Attend the Cattleman’s College hosted during the annual MSGA convention. Expand your knowledge and stay informed about industry trends and best practices.

Influential Network

Connect with fellow Montana Red Angus breeders and be part of a dynamic network of professionals. Exchange ideas, collaborate, and learn from each other’s experiences.

Junior Membership Empowerment

Nurturing the next generation of breed enthusiasts, our Junior Membership program offers invaluable mentorship, educational resources, and hands-on experiences. Shape the future of Red Angus alongside a community of young minds.

Connecting Buyers & Sellers

A thriving marketplace where the finest Red Angus livestock meets eager buyers. Our platform (COMING SOON) bridges the gap, uniting breed enthusiasts and discerning purchasers, extending your ranch’s influence and market reach across the rugged landscapes of Montana and beyond.

Unleashing the Beauty of Red

Montana’s Finest Red Angus Moments

Within the national Red Angus landscape, Montana shines as a star player. Boasting one of the most vibrant affiliates nationwide in terms of membership and breed promotion, Montana Red Angus Association members hold influential positions on the national board and committees. The September ARA’s year-in-review consistently places Montana in the upper echelons of key categories: registrations, transfers, total members, and junior members. The true essence of Montana’s impact on the Red Angus world lies in the extraordinary dedication of our breeders who call this land home. Their unwavering commitment and expertise not only shape the breed’s success locally but also resonate across the nation, defining Montana’s role as a cornerstone in the Red Angus community.

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