Montana Red Angus


The Montana Red Angus Association was officially organized on November 3, 1972. Several interested breeders met at the Rainbow Hotel in Great Falls, Montana. They elected officers and established by-laws. The officers for that ensuing year were: President-Dave Cawlfield, Vice President-Jim Leachman and Secretary/Treasurer-Pete Stoltz.

Our membership today totals over 100 ranch memberships and includes both registered and commercial breeders from across Montana and several other states. Annual dues are payable on November 1st and are $50.00 and can be sent to the current Secretary. Our annual meeting is held in October in conjunction with the NILE.

We are ranked #2 with total paid members in the national organization—-only Texas can claim more. We register more than 8700 head of Red Angus cattle each year, which makes us #1 in registrations. We transfer approximately 3800 head to different owners annually.

The Montana Red Angus Association is a progressive one. They are the proud sponsors of the “NILE Prestigious Sale” which was started in 1982 and is held each October. We also sponsor Special Red Angus Certified Feeder Calf Sales throughout the state in October and November. In 1997 we started the Feeder Calf Sales in Billings and Butte and have expanded these sales to Three Forks, Missoula, and Glendive. We established a toll free number (1-877-Red-Angus) in 1999.

We host a Montana Tour each fall on a rotation system that enables us to view breeders across the state. The state is divided into 6 separate regions, with the breeders in that region acting as the hosts for their given year.

We are growing in leaps and bounds and invite you to come and join the fastest growing breed…RED ANGUS!!!!

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Montana Red Angus Association

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